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Libra Posted on June 30, 2011 in: Press, The 21st Amendment

First things first. Holler at those sweet potato fries!!!!!!! I swear I ate the equivalent of 3 sweet potatoes last night. That is how many gorgeous fries were strewn across my plate.

I got a simple cheeseburger which was pretty good- no complaints. My friend got the buffalo chicken wrap which she enjoyed. Menu is pretty small, but the options are pretty good. They had a list of a few wines and a few beers, nothing crazy. Prices were reasonable.

There’s a bar area and a small dining area- lights are dim which creates a really cozy setting. It’s all about the ambiance. They had music playing which at some points was really loud and at others it was just enough. I just imagine this being a perfect place to hang out on a cold, snowy winter night.

Both waitresses were extremely pleasant from start to finish. They came just enough where we weren’t searching for them nor were we trying to fend them off.

I think I have found myself a lovely hangout spot.