‘The Paramount’ Restaurant: A Unique Dining Experience

Libra Posted on May 26, 2014 in: Paramount South Boston, Press

This article originally appeared in South Boston Today on Thursday, May 22, 2014. Our Happy Hour Special runs from May 22, 2014 to July 9, 2014.

The first things you notice when you walk into the Paramount Restaurant located at 667 East Broadway here in South Boston is the tasteful décor, its bright and welcoming atmosphere and of course the incredible aroma of fine food being prepared fresh. It’s a blend of so many tantalizing smells it’s hard to explain with words. You are instantly greeted with friendly and professional staff, who are genuinely glad that you walked through their door to experience their wonderful cuisine and right away you are happy you came.

This is a 7 days and 7 nights a week eating establishment; with a full beer, wine and liquor license that is owned by the same family that owns The Paramount on Beacon Hill, which has been in operation there since 1937. Joe and Eleanor Greene decided to bring their Paramount Restaurant success story to South Boston and the ever growing number of pleased customers is happy they did. In fact, they will be celebrating the 2 year mark for South Boston this July.

The Paramount is a unique type of restaurant featuring a creative style of service, especially if you arrive for breakfast or lunch. You go to the counter, place your order and are seated right away. Though there is often a heavy volume of patrons, there is no wait for a table in the early hours of the day. They have this great system and it works well.

This is a family oriented business that is a big favorite of mothers with new babies. Young moms wheeling baby carriages come in at a steady pace. In fact, Tuesdays is always ‘new mothers’ day at the Paramount and it’s a big hit.

The evening hours brings in the dinner crowd to dine on what can only be classified as some of the finest quality, most sumptuous entrées served anywhere. Among the many specialties created by the Paramount’s executive Chef Gabriel Cheung are the Teriyaki Salmon, which comes with an amazing stir fry (all their seafood is purchased from the highly acclaimed Foley Fish Company) and of course their incredibly popular tenderloin beef Steak Tips marinated in homemade barbecue sauce served with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and the Paramount’s hand cut, special textured sweet and crunchy onion rings. Add their melted cheddar over the onion rings and you are in for a memorable taste treat. All the many other entrees are delicious as are the burgers and other sandwiches too. And for dessert, you’ll want to try the almost decadent Happy Hour special – gluten-free flourless chocolate fondant cake. It’s a classic, rich, fudgy chocolate sweets lover’s dream topped with The Paramount’s homemade whipped cream. In fact The Paramount specializes in homemade baked goods and foods made fresh daily including their focaccia bread and humus.

South Boston Today spoke with Bonnie Owens, the hard working and enthusiastic Marketing Manager for The Paramount and new Mom to 4 month old Emmett, Bonnie and her husband’s first child, regarding the good things about having The Paramount come to South Boston. We asked her what some of the highlights of running a business in the neighborhood are. Right away she said the customers. She enjoys meeting and having The Paramount serve all of the great people in such a wonderful community. She also had high praise for all of the staff among them The Paramount’s wine experts, Claire and Sebastian. Bonnie went on to tell SBT about the unique and creative ideas they would be introducing at the restaurant.

The Paramount is currently running its ‘after work, before the crowds’ Happy Hour Special between the hours of 5pm – 6:30pm available every day, including weekends, where they serve 3 courses for the price of 1 which includes a free salad and dessert with the purchase of a full priced entrée when you dine in. This special will be available through July 9th. This is just one of the great offerings that The Paramount has.

But the most impressive of what it has to offer is the food, the service and the satisfaction and pleasure it provides in a truly pleasant environment. If you have not tried it yet make it a destination soon. You’ll be glad you did. The Paramount is located at 667 E. Broadway, South Boston. For takeout (you can pick up or they will deliver) call 617-269-9999. Check out their website at www.paramountboston.com/southboston.