New England Craft Beer Series: Long Trail Ale

Libra Posted on September 10, 2013 in: Press, West on Centre

This is part 5 of our New England Craft Beer Series. Follow the links for part 1 on Pretty Things Fluffy White Rabbits, part 2 on BBC’s Czech Pilsner,  part 3 on Traveler Co’s Time Traveler & Curious Traveler shandies, part 4 on Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale, or part 5 on Clown Shoes Clementine.

Long Trail Ale

Style:  Altbier

ABV: 4.6%

Location: Bridgewater Corners, VT

Proximity to West on Centre: appx 155 miles


Long Trail Brewing Company prides itself on brewing a “extraordinary family of fine ales.” They have been devoted to brewing high quality craft beer since 1989, and to date, their flagship ale is the largest selling craft beer in Vermont. Despite their success and large production scale, Long Trail is committed to green brewing and environmental consciousness. There are often signs of nature in their labeling, such as the bees on their Pollenator brew, the VT native black bear on their Blackbeary Wheat, and the cows, who feed on their spent mash, on their Double Bag IPA.

New England Craft Beer

West on Centre carries Long Trail Ale on draft year round. The flagship brew is a German altbier, which is one of the oldest styles of beer. It is a full-bodied amber ale with a clean mouthfeel and only a hint of wheat and hops. There is a slight caramel flavor from the toasted malts.


Pairing Altbiers:

The light caramel flavor of a classic altbier makes it a perfect pairing for hearty foods. Try it with our 13-hour hickory-smoked pulled pork sandwich, or a hearty fish dish like a grilled salmon over mashed potatoes and green beans (which is not on the menu but is always available). Smoked sausages served at our Sunday Brunch from 10-3 make another nice pairing, and the crisp ale is a nice reprieve from overly sweet breakfast cocktails.