Free $20 Gift Card when you buy $100.

Libra Posted on November 30, 2016 in: Events, Paramount Beacon Hill, Paramount South Boston, The Paramount

It’s time for our annual gift card promotion. Get a FREE $20 gift card when you buy $100 in Paramount gift cards. You can buy any combination of gift cards to reach the bonus. Buy 10 teachers $10 gift cards and you get a free $20 gift card for yourself. Buy your mom and your mom-in-law a $50 gift card each and get $20 for yourself. Buy yourself a $100 gift card (you know you’ll put it to good use) and get an extra $20 card to cover that last round of drinks! There’s no limit to the amount of $20 promo cards you can earn. Buy 5 $100 gift cards and we’ll give you 5 $20 bonus cards. Think it’s too good to be true? It’s not. We just love you that much. Best yet, we’re happy to mail your gift cards (and bonus cards) for you this holiday season. Just call us and ask to speak to a manager. We’ll take your credit card order over the phone and drop the gift card in the mail same day.